3:16 Plan - Week 11 - Day 1 - Year 2 - Jeremiah 5-6

God has given us freedom to live as we choose so let’s choose well!

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word 

Jeremiah 5:4 -They don't know the ways of the LORD. They don't understand God's laws.

Read - Jeremiah 5-6



Chapter 6 and verse 16 give us a powerful application on how to navigate trouble.  First we stop.  When we are moving forward with our own plans it can be difficult to hear and heed any advice. Next, we look.  God has given us physical eyes and spiritual discernment and calls us to use them.  Awareness and self-awareness are vital to find the way.  Ask for guidance.  Yes, whether we are asking directly from God in prayer or asking a wise person with Godly counsel, we must humble ourselves and ask for direction.  Travel the path given by God.  It’s not enough to ask but we are to then follow the directions given.  If we do, the final result would be rest.  Like a weary traveler who has been lost but then found his way, nothing beats a peace-filled rest at the end of the journey!


Lord, You are powerful and mighty and even though You have given me a level of freedom, I will choose to follow You. 

Extra Discovery

The people of Israel were shameless towards their sin…let it not be said of us. 



The crux of the matter is that God reveals Himself to people yet people still do not know his ways nor his laws.  When our relationship breaks down at the level of knowledge then we will run into major practical issues.  We may be unloving because our heart isn’t in it.   We may act foolish or selfish because in uncertainty we rarely know what to do so we fallback to those inward traits.  The value of Knowing God and His will cannot be overstated.  These chapters are very telling in that when we bypass our gracious God’s offer to know Him, we will ultimately end up with God’s judgement.  Want to live in His Grace?  Choose to Know Him in the ultimate way - through His Word in flesh (Jesus) and His Word in print (Bible).