3:16 Plan - Week 11 - Day 4 - Year 2 - Nahum

To be in the purview of God’s judgment is a fearful and awful thing that we can avoid by forgiveness of sin in Christ.

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Nahum 1:7 The LORD is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him.

Read - Nahum 1-3



For generations, the Israelites had heard of impending doom where God was going to allow the Assyrians to destroy much of their land as holy discipline for their choices to separate themselves from God.  Now we see that God’s judgment is fair.  He does see all that happens…the good and the evil.  He isn’t blind nor deaf but patient.  Remember, he had sent a prophet to these folks (Jonah) 150 years prior to warn them and they temporarily turned to God but it was short lived.  God knows and will respond with perfect justice.  Therefore, we can trust Him. 


Lord, You are mighty to save Your people from Your enemy.  Thank You!

Extra Discovery

More evidence for trusting Scripture: https://answersingenesis.org/archaeology/recent-archaeological-finds-assyria-corroborate-scripture/


The Marring of Sin is dire.  Assyria had heard of the One True God through the ministry of Jonah but had not made a lasting choice to follow Him.  They went on a rampage and caused some of the worst destruction the world has ever seen.  They were agents of destruction…using their gifts and strengths for evil rather than good.  This destruction was eventually turned upon them and they were conquered by the Babylonians in 612 BC.  There is no measure of strength that cannot be conquered.  Evil attracts more Evil.  Destruction follows Destruction.  The cycle is broken only by the blood of Jesus that brings us peace! (Romans 5:1)