3:16 Plan - Week 13 -Day 3- Year 2- Jeremiah 20:1-18

Obedience to Christ does carry a cost but is worth it.

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Jeremiah 20:11 -  But the LORD stands beside me like a great warrior.

Read - Jeremiah 20:1-18



Jeremiah was delivering a hard message to a hard people and was making no friends while doing so.  Even the Temple Priest persecuted him.  To be committed to the cause of Christ, we must expect that God will call us to proclaim Him in places that do not Know or Love Him and may not be friendly to the proclamation.  We may never endure the hardships of Jeremiah…but we should be ready to so that we do not fall victim of fainting at the weight of obedience.


Lord, Your purposes for me are good even if hard.

Extra Discovery

Read Job 3 to see another of the best known men of Scripture who cursed the day of their birth.


When God Morphs us by His Holy Spirit, our Mindset Change also drips into our heart.  We call this a change of Motivation.  No longer are we Motivated by security, comfort, fame, etc.  We are motivated by what pleases our Savior and what makes Him Known.  We read of the very real and very human struggle of Jeremiah’s Motivations.  He was being obedient to God but his heart was broken because his life was hard.  He cursed his own birth after suffering persecution.  What is the New Testament difference?  With God’s Spirit in Control of our Heart, we can overcome our own feelings and be led by the Motivations of God and sustained when we suffer.  This does not mean it won’t be hard but it does mean we can be enabled to do hard things and rejoice in God’s pleasure.