3:16 Plan - Week 13 - Day 5 - Year 2 - Jeremiah 7-10

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Jeremiah 8:20 - "The harvest is finished, and the summer is gone," the people cry, "yet we are not saved!"

Read - Jeremiah 7-10



Jeremiah and Daniel serve as prophets in the same season of the Babylonian Captivity.  Can you imagine getting more than one message from God on any given day?  I hope you can.  God will speak to you through His Word any time you open it and there is not a ‘one per day’ limit!  This message could have been given earlier (prior to the siege) or could have been given as a reminder for the ‘why’ of what had happened already. 


Lord, help me to recognize sin and convict me of it by Your Holy Spirit. 

Extra Discovery

Boasting.  The end of chapter 9 instructs us to boast in the Lord instead of our own strength.  In the same way, Ephesians 2:1-10 gives us the clear understanding that even our salvation and our faith is a gift of God so that we cannot boast about our works.  


This text is full of sadness as Jeremiah tells the remaining remnant of Israel that repentance is still needed.  One of the harshest criticism’s given is in Jeremiah 8:12 stating that they ‘have forgotten how to blush’.  I think we should consider that admonition as much of our surroundings glorify sin.  This is a test to know if we have fallen into the trap of being Misled by the Enemy.  When sin doesn’t cause us remorse, guilt or even shame (to blush) then the deceiver has got us under His control.  As followers of Christ, we should grow more and more disdain for sin and its evil power as we are Morphed by God’s Holy Spirit.