3:16 Plan - Week 14 - Day 4 - Year 2 - Jeremiah 18 & 35

Allow and even ask God to reform you from the inside out. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Jeremiah 18:5 Then the LORD gave me this message: 6 "O Israel, can I not do to you as this potter has done to his clay?

Read - Jeremiah 18,35



God is always working in the world.  He desires to work in people the most.  He looks for those willing to follow Him and then invests His Spirit into them so that they can be transformed into His image and plan.  This transforming can be an unsettling or even painful procedure that can endure life long.  The trick would be to recognize the pain that comes from not being transformed.  This unfulfilled purpose - the missed dream - the hopeless future.  God is the potter and you can be His clay.  Let Him form you and live!


Lord, I am willing to be re-made in Your hands. 

Extra Discovery

Much to learn from the Recabites: 



Being Morphed by the Spirit is exciting but it can also be painful as our old selves are buried so that our new nature can live.  When God’s Word gives us a new Mindset we must forget the former things…and when those former things are comfortable to us it can be painful to learn and live by new ways.  When God’s Love begins changing our heart motivations we are called to lay down any motive that is impure.  Impure motives like pride and jealousy and vengeance die in the Morphing process which means those energies that used to feed our actions die too.  Trading useless behaviors for actions that Minister to and for God is certainly freeing and purposeful but when that means laying down the behaviors that are familiar it can cause a great identity crisis.  Being Morphed is vital but not always easy…but it is worth it!