3:16 Plan - Week 15 - Day 1 - Year 2 - 2 Kings 24:5-9, 2 Chronicles 36:9, Jeremiah 22:24-30

All God’s promises are true but not all are easy. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Jeremiah 22:24 - "As surely as I live," says the LORD…

Read - 2 Kings 24:5-9, 2 Chronicles 36:9, Jeremiah 22:24-30



Babylon continues to control Judah as a Vassal State.  Jehoiakim dies and his son Jehoiachin begins to reign but for a very short season.  He hasn’t got a heart for God and rules poorly and has a very short tenure.  Today’s text defines a part of failure.   The King was considered a failure because none of His children would rule nor take over his throne.  This would have ramifications felt centuries later.  


Lord, I want to be victorious in your eyes…not a failure.  

Extra Discovery



The promise of being Mended by Jesus is illustrated in Jeremiah 18 with the Potter re-forming a de-formed piece of pottery.  The image of being Marred by Sin is given here in Jeremiah 22:28 when we ready that this new King was like a discarded broken jar.  Choose Christ the Mender!