3:16 Plan - Week 15 - Day 5 - Year 2 - Jeremiah 49:34-39, Jeremiah 50, Jeremiah 51

Sew Injustice, Reap Calamity.  Sew Righteousness, Reap Peace.  

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Jeremiah 50:2 -This is what the LORD says: "Tell the whole world, and keep nothing back. 

Read - Jeremiah 49:34-39, 50, 51



What can the follower of Christ learn from such a horrific prophecy towards Babylon.  Today, focus on the call of Israel found in Jeremiah 51:45 - Come out, my people, flee from Babylon.  Save yourselves!.  Note that this is the same message given to us in Revelation 18:4.  There are times when our command is to flee from evil because God is bringing disaster upon it.  


Lord, I will listen to Your Word.

Extra Discovery

http://www.calvaryfullerton.org/Bstudy/24%20Jer/2005/24Jer%2050.htm   - A more complete exposition. 


The judgements against Babylon tie in to the renewed Babylon talked about in the book of Revelation.  God is speaking against the evil that is ultimately behind such warmongering nations - the evil of then and now - The kingdom of Satan on planet earth.  It is this kingdom that wars against God’s Kingdom and wars against you.   All of the Marring of Sin is due to it and all of the Misleading of the Enemy is a result of its influence.  What does a follower of Christ do in the face of such evil?  We rest in the Victory won on the Cross!  We find healing in the Mending that Jesus gives.  We resist and conquer by the power of the Holy Spirit that Morphs us!