3:16 Plan - Week 12 - Day 4 - Year 2 - 2 Kings 23:36-37, 2 Chronicles 36:5, Jeremiah 22:1-23

You may not get a Bible chapter written to you by name and straight from God but He can speak to you just as directly. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Jeremiah 22:2 -'Listen to this message from the LORD…

Read - 2 Kings 23:36-37, 2 Chronicles 36:5, Jeremiah 22:1-23



The new king doesn’t follow God.  Maybe it is because He doesn’t know Him.  Although that looks to be the case, it isn’t because God hasn’t given Him direction.  Jeremiah 22 gives him all the direction he would need to find the same success as his father.  However, he takes the path of least resistance and lets his power get to his head.  In life, power can be intoxicating.  We must recognize that God grants us this type of influence so that we can bless.   


Lord, help me to use any influence I have for Your glory. 

Extra Discovery



Covenant.  A binding agreement.  The type of Covenant God refers to in His Word is such an agreement that He offers and we can accept or deny.  Jeremiah 22 refers to the Old Covenant of the law but also simply refers to a Covenant relationship with God.  Jesus would come to offer and seal a new covenant relationship with humanity by His very Blood.  The terms would be simple:  Follow Him and you can be Mended!  The fact that God would offer that Covenant to us even after such disobedience as we read in the O.T. is a confirming sign of His matchless grace and enduring love.