3:16 Plan - Week 13 - Day 1 - Year 2 - 2 Kings 24:1-4, Jeremiah 25:1-38, 36:1-32

Is there a sin that is unforgivable?

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

2 Kings 24:3-4 -3 These disasters happened to Judah because of the LORD's command. He had decided to banish Judah from his presence because of the many sins of Manasseh, 4 who had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood. The LORD would not forgive this.

Read - 2 Kings 24:1-4, Jeremiah 25:1-38, Jeremiah 36:1-32



The punishment of the nation’s sin had come up for payment.  Babylon would invade and take many captive.  The nation would never again be the same but even this would be part of God’s plan.  And even still, God promises a season in the future where they would experience His grace yet again.  Jeremiah 25:12 promises that the nations God uses to discipline Judah would also have consequence for their choices.  A very specific prophecy that will be fulfilled with amazing accuracy.  You can trust the Lord. 


Lord, help me to heed Your Word and respond to Your direction.

Extra Discovery

Manasseh’s fair-weather repentance led him to a position of unforgiveness…not the unwillingness of The Lord to show Him grace and mercy:  https://www.gotquestions.org/sin-God-not-forgive.html


Baruch was a faithful servant to the mission of God.  Jeremiah would get the Word of the Lord but couldn’t deliver it himself.  He would ask Baruch to take it on a scroll and read it to the people.  Baruch did so even at the expense of his own reputation and safety.  This is a decent example of how we are to live on mission for Christ.  He has given His word to us and we are called to deliver it to others in love and with grace.  We often fear how this will be received but we know that it is best for us to obediently serve The Lord whom we love.  This is an example of the ministry that God has given to each of us (not just preachers or bible teachers).  God is Morphing us by His Spirit so that we can each find ways to obediently serve Him by ministering for Him and to others.  What is your ministry?