3:16 Plan - Week 17 - Day 3 - Year 2 - Ezekiel 9-11:13

Safety is found in Knowing God through Christ.

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Ezekiel 11:5 - This is what the LORD says to the people of Israel: I know what you are saying, for I know every thought that comes into your minds.

Read - Ezekiel 9-11:13



We do many things to feel safe and secure.  We buy insurance.  We build fences.  We hire politicians to tell us what we want to hear.  Yet, safety is a gift of God.  The only security in life is security in the hands of God and being in those hands is available to us through a true and saving relationship with Jesus Christ - the Son of God.  Any other thing may seem like it puts us out of harms way (like the iron pot in today’s reading) but that pot cooks everything in it if you don’t have Christ. 


Lord, I will find my security in You.  

Extra Discovery

https://www.gotquestions.org/Ezekiel-wheels.html  - again with this imagery of the creatures with the wheels…


God knows your thoughts - all of them.  As awesome as this is, here is something else…He wants you to Know His thoughts.  He desires us to gain the Mind of Christ.  Now, as humans, His ways are certainly above our own (Isaiah 55) but with the help of the Holy Spirit Morphing us we can now achieve a Mindset that takes much of the guessing out of our life of faith.  The mind of Christ stands in sharp contrast to the wisdom of man. The mind of Christ involves wisdom from God, once hidden but now revealed. The mind of Christ is given to believers through the Spirit of God. The mind of Christ cannot be understood by those without the Spirit. The mind of Christ gives believers discernment in spiritual matters.