As our church is built upon the Biblical Model as seen in the New Testament (primarily the Book of Acts), we expect to see New Testament results and that means multiplication. The Book of Acts documents the early church being successful at bringing thousands to Faith in Christ as they met in home communities and were actively sharing their faith. Wyoming is full of many thousands of people that are apart from Faith in Christ. We hope to always be starting new Churches and Missional Communities and looking for new places to show God’s Compassion and training new leaders. We want to always be MULTIPLYING.

Multiplication comes at the cost of comfort. To grow, that means that things will change and adapt along the way. It means that we will always be looking to send out new leaders from within established groups. We know this is not easy but we know this is Biblical.

We believe that the local church is God’s means to make an impact on the community and when people follow Jesus together in the context of a local church community that God changes lives! Because of these beliefs, WindCity created and now partners with Forever West Church Planting Network to be a part of God’s church planting movement all across Wyoming.

This Network is constantly looking to be a part of new churches by:
- Preparing leaders to be a part of new church starts
- Sending out church planters and leaders to their unique mission field
- Supporting church plants financially as well as with ongoing leadership development and encouragement WindCity supports this Network with as much of our church giving as possible.

WindCity strives to Multiply by training and support disciples as they grow. This may not always mean that every person becomes a church planter or a pastor but does mean that we strive to Equip every person to be a whole- hearted disciple of Jesus and to follow Him where they live, work and play.