What to Expect at our 3:16pm Sunday Gathering

If you are looking for a church gathering that has a full worship band and a very structured sermon then our 9am time is probably perfect for you but we have a very different option that meets at 3:16pm on Sunday afternoons.   We know that is a bit different than many church gathering times and that is part of why we have always had a 3:16 gathering time at WindCity Church.  There are many similarities between our 9am and 3:16pm gatherings so we will simply list some of the differences here:

1. Simple Worship - Rather than a full worship band, most weeks we will sing together while being led by one voice and one instrument (usually a guitar).  

2. No Stage - Rather than microphones and slideshows, this gathering is meant to be in closer contact with one another.

3.  Tables not Rows - Rather than sitting in rows of chairs pointed towards a stage, you will find tables and chairs to aid in taking notes and even to feel a bit more like a dining room table (where some of the best conversations take place in life!).

4. Conversation rather than Sermon - One of our Bible Teachers will typically teach from the same Bible text that was used in the 9am Sermon but rather than a 30-40 minute sermon they will lead through an interactive time in God's Word.  If it lasts a total of around 40 minutes then the goal would be 20 minutes of teaching mixed with another 20 minutes of facilitated discussion.

5. Families together rather than Kids Ministry - Our 9am time has a full Kids Church and Nursery but our 3:16pm afternoon gathering will not.  Families that attend this time will stay together.  Yes, this could be a bit rambunctious but we believe it is a great family experience that will lead to faith discussions during the week.  Younger kids can color at a table too!  

6. Smaller and more Intimate - Our worship area will only hold about 60-70 people maximum when set up for tables and chairs so that creates a smaller environment that we hope will aid in more authentic relationships and even increase our prayerfulness for one another.  

We meet at the Eastridge Mall in East Casper right across from the Hibachi Supreme Buffet (handy!).  The gathering typically lasts 70-80 minutes.   We hope you will join the conversation!