3:16 Plan - Week 6 - Day 1 - Year 3 - Luke 19:11-27

Your life matters to God so do something with it. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word 

Luke 19:11 - The crowd was listening to everything Jesus said. And because he was nearing Jerusalem, he told them a story to correct the impression that the Kingdom of God would begin right away.

Read - Luke 19:11–27



Jesus gives us a clear indication in His Word that He could return (His Second Coming) anytime.  That means we are waiting.  Waiting well means being a good steward of His great gift of life.  That life includes many spiritual and physical blessings that are entrusted to us to help us live well for His glory.  Are you stewarding God’s resources well? 


Lord, I will be a better steward of Your time, talents and treasure. 

Extra Discovery

Read Psalm 24:1 to get a great verse on stewardship. 


When God Mends you He gives gifts to you.  Gifts that can help you navigate this life and even thrive as you live it.   The ultimate gift is to be constantly Morphed by the Holy Spirit as you surrender to Him.  That Morphing looks different in your life compared to every other human although it will also have some similarities.  For instance, each person will be called to a life of obedience but one’s obedience will be focused in different areas.  Evaluate what God has given you in this great salvation and consider whether you are re-investing what He has invested into you…