3:16 Plan - Week 6 - Day 5 - Year 3 - John 12:20-50

As Jesus brought glory to God the Father, so our lives are to bring glory to God!

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word 

John 12:21 - "Sir, we want to meet Jesus."

Read - John 12:20–50



Jesus quotes the prophet Isaiah’s truth that some won’t hear Him and His message for their own hardness of heart and mind has brought them to the place where God has even blinded them to His ways.  Pray we never even sniff that dark state. 


Lord, I will choose to Know you more and more today. 

Extra Discovery

Remember Matthew 5 when Jesus told us He was the light of the world and so are we?


Jesus is the Light of the World.  That Light illuminates our understanding of who God is so that we can Know Him.  Our choice each day is to grow further into His light or to slink of into darkness in how we think or act.  The choice is clear for the follower of Christ.  We put our trust in Him and no longer remain in the dark (John 12:46).