3:16 Plan - Week 17 - Day 3 - Year 3 - John 21:1-24

Sometimes we are uncertain what to do…even then, Jesus is with us and ready to direct or re-direct us towards His Mission. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word 

John 21:3 - Simon Peter said, "I'm going fishing." "We'll come, too," they all said.

Read - John 21:1–24



Jesus again appears to His disciples.  This time He re-creates one of His early miracles that would remind them of their calling to ‘fish for souls’ rather than for profit.  Peter takes a swim and is then restores to His ministry after his betrayal.  We serve a God of mercy and grace who doesn’t give up on us.  


Lord, I will seek out Your mission for my life and stay true to it. 

Extra Discovery



As Jesus restores and forgives Peter, we see the assurance that once we are Mended, Jesus will keep us.  Even when we fall, He is there to call us to return to the closeness in Him.  We can be Misled into sin (as Peter was) but we can’t be moved outside of the great position He has graciously given us as His children.  Once adopted, always His.