3:16 Plan - Week 21 - Day 4 - Year 3 - Acts 16:13-24

From a comfy home to a prison cell, our attitudes best not be determined by our location.  

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word 

Acts 16:15 She was baptized along with other members of her household, and she asked us to be her guests. "If you agree that I am a true believer in the Lord," she said, "come and stay at my home." And she urged us until we agreed.

Read - Acts 16:13-24



These Christ-followers were always moving and always responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  One moment they are sharing with women on the Sabbath and the next they were taking the opportunity to remove a demon from another girl then they find themselves in prison.  Let’s make sure our obedience is not location based but is Lordship based…because Jesus is our Lord we will do what He says when He says it.  


Lord, I will serve You no matter where You place me.  

Extra Discovery



Obedient Service to God flows out of Knowing and Loving Him rather than out of situation or circumstance.  Otherwise, our service to God will wane when it rains or slow when it snows.  The deep well of love for God and the new Mindset of Knowing God and His will and way is what will keep us serving in spite of any earthly setback.