3:16 Plan - Week 31 - Day 2 - Year 3 - Acts 21

Say YES to God can be complicated when those you love/trust would prefer you to say no. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word 

Acts 21: 12 When we heard this, we and the local believers all begged Paul not to go on to Jerusalem.

Read - Acts 21



Disagreement is part of life.  Two Christ-followers can disagree and still both honor God.  Paul knew trouble awaited him in Jerusalem but knew all the more that God was calling him there.  Agabus (and others) only knew of the trouble so they counseled Paul against it.  God often gives good counselors to us to not just advise us what not to do but sometimes what to do while recognizing what it may cost to do it. 


Lord, I will heed Your counsel above all.  

Extra Discovery

Read Proverbs 15:22



Only a person who Knows, Loves and Serves God would endure a beating and still want to share their faith with the culprits.  Paul was empowered by the Holy Spirit that was Morphing him into the very image of Christ when he pleaded ‘Please, let me talk to these people’.