Charter Service on May 6, 2018

On May 6, 2018, we gathered at Eastridge Mall in Casper, Wyoming to celebrate what God has done and is doing: Creating another expression of the Body of Christ in the form of WindCity Church. After starting on August 10, 2014 in the local Pizza Ranch, the launch team of WindCity Church has seen the hand of Almighty God at every turn. Five location moves, a name change, and opposition from Satan in many forms are a small part of our story but the Big part of our story is that God has brought many souls to Himself in these last four years and we pray that it will continue in the years to come.

Today, we make it official by appointing our first Elders. Chris Sims (and his wife Eve and their children) moved Casper in June of 2014 to begin the work of establishing a multiplying church. Jesse Weeks moved to Casper in October of 2015 to serve God by serving this church and has been a leader in our multi-generational church and as lead church planter for a Senior Adult Church that now operates as WindCity North. Tom Roach (and his wife Nancy)moved to Casper in July of 2016 and has become an integral part of our coaching, discipling and counseling ministries. Justin Stockton (and his wife Misty and their children) moved to Casper in December of 2016 to serve as Church Planting Apprentices and have led in many ways to include our youth ministry. These four men are ordained as Elders today. By our corporate prayer and laying on of hands, we affirm that God has called and set these men apart for the work of the Gospel Ministry as Elders at WindCity Church. By turning in signed Covenant Membership documents and then signing is Charter, we start a new season of ministry as an autonomous and cooperating Southern Baptist Church governed by Christ and directed by the Bible.

We pray that as we unite together that God will breathe His Holy Spirit upon this endeavor and that we will grow to know, love and obediently serve Him faithfully in the future.