Missional Communities

Our desire is to see every person that is part of WindCity Church be connected to God and connected to one another in community.  Practically, this means that every person is part of a Missional Community Group.  

What happens in a Missional Community Group?  

Acts 2:42 tells us that the early followers of Jesus:
- Studied and Discussed The Bible
- Enjoyed Time Together
- Shared a Meal Together
- Prayed
- Looked for ways to be 'On Mission Together'

These people changed the world by doing these things and were transformed as they ‘Followed Jesus’.  We see the above list as 'the basics' and want to simply do what the original disciples and apostles did in each of WindCity Church's 'Missional Community Groups'.  

Our groups go in seasons with primary seasons being Fall (10-12 weeks) and then again in late Winter/early Spring (10-12 weeks).  We currently have a Men’s, Women’s and Youth missional community group that meet at the mall at 6:00 pm on Wednesday with the Youth starting at 6:30 pm.