The Mission of WindCity Church is:

To EQUIP you to follow Jesus where you live, work and play.                                                                                                              


We Believe in Absolute Truth and that Truth is revealed in the Bible.  


We Believe in The One True God of the Bible.  God is revealed as Trinity which is:

  • God the Father - Infinite, All-Knowing, All-Powerful

  • God the Son - Jesus who provides a way for us to be saved

  • God the Holy Spirit - Who guides us and empowers us in this life

Man & Sin.

God Made man perfect and in His image.  Man separated himself from God through Sin.


God made you to experience His love forever.  Sin keeps you from that.  Salvation gives you new life to enjoy that!

Your Life Matters.

God Made us to Know, Love & Obediently Serve Him and as we do that we will enjoy a life of purpose and meaning. 


God calls us to Follow Jesus to be Saved and then to be Baptized. 


God gives followers of Jesus what we do not deserve including His never-ending love.

Last Things.

The Future for the follower of Christ is full of hope and life.

Church Structure.

WindCity operates on a simple ‘Elder-Led’ model empowering each member to serve as they are gifted and called.


We will strive to grow by sharing the love of Christ with others and making disciples who make more disciples. 

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